The state of things

From the entertainment industry to healthcare, the whole world was rocked by COVID. For some it brought positivity, a chance to catch up with yourself and a breather from the 9-5 but for others not so much. We as a label have been through a lot of change throughout the pandemic and believe we have come out of it stronger as a collective with more going on than ever before. Testament to this, our illustrious head honcho Mandidextrous has been absolutely smashing the Drum n Bass world recently and has a lot less time to spend on running the ever evolving beast that is Amen4Tekno. As a result the team has been expanded to involve a few more people and spread the work out among us, once again bringing you what you want from Amen4Tekno.

The future of things

On our new website you can find most of our catalogue of music, latest news, and a new contact form for submitting tracks or making booking enquiries. As time ticks on, we will be adding new previews so you can hear the tracks before you buy them, a new news reel, photo galleries, artist biographies and new merch!

Rest assured that there is plenty of new music on its way, kicking off with our first Dub Pack and Jungletekmafia Volume 7 but perhaps even better news, a Kiss My Kickdrums UK tour planned for later this year in cities including but not limited to Brighton, Sheffield, Lancaster, Exeter, Manchester and Bristol.
Needless to say, we’re all pretty hyped so far this year and cant wait to bring you all on this journey with us!

It’s good to be back, see you at the stack!

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